Packaging, UX/UI,
Duration: 5 weeks | Fall 2021
TUBBYTRONIC: Techie Babies is a couture fashion magazine and a trailer for this issue based on the kid’s show Teletubbies. It is ideated from the Teletubbies’ dome grass house “Tubbytronic Superdome." 

    Min Guen Ju – Tinky Winky  
    Bilal Ahmad – Dipsy
    Vrinda Agarwal – La Laa  
    Nhu Pham – Po

& Physical MOODBOard

Teletubbies is a show I watched a lot when I was a child. For this magazine, I wanted to keep the story’s originality add my twist to the concept: a human live-action version of Teletubbies with a fashion sense resembling their personalities and characteristics. The magazine shows the world of Teletubbies, the inside and outside of the “Superdome,” what they do, their personalities, and their favorite items. 

After finalizing my idea, I made sketches for the magazine's outfits, set, and layout. After multiple trips to Goodwill, I’ve collected second-hand clothing pieces and made body forms of my models with tape to create four outfits efficiently. I have also created a mini version of the set before setting up the background. The photoshoot set comprises a fake grass rug, fake moss, paper, table cloths, and rescue blankets.


I printed the magazine and crafted them. This magazine is an opportunity for me to make my own creative decisions, from casting models to costume making. It is my take on showcasing Teletubbies and their untold stories.


UI/UX, motion effects
Duration: 5 weeks | Fall 2021

Salute Design Competition | Merit Award Interactive/Video/Motion category
A supplement to the experience inside the Arboretum at Penn State to help visitors see and understand the difference between human vision and the vision of creatures in the Arboretum and why they behave in a certain way.

   William Ren

     Penn State Arboretum


After visiting the Arboretum at Penn State, not many people know how Birds, Butterflies, and Bees see differently than us. My partner and I were very intrigued by this fact and decided to design this experience to show visitors this Hidden World.

User scenario

We sent out a survey to students on Campus with questions about the Arboretum and Technology. And with the information, we decided on our deliverables and created a user scenario.


1. Oversized Screen

Our 8ftx 10ft screen will be located at the entrance of the Pollinator’s Garden. Being this big, visitors can immerse themselves in the vision of the pollinators. They can visualize if the pollinators are human size. That is how the pollinators will see them. The screen will be motion-tracked with gesture-based technology.

2. Wayfinding/ Recommended Photo Spots

An onboard page that shows visitors what our wayfinding points look like.

Spots on the ground suggest to visitors that this is a location where you should use the filter to see the pollinators under their eyes.
The QR code is present on each Wayfinding so that visitors who did not have the chance to interact with the screen can still scan the application.

3. Mobile Application
Notification can be enabled to let you know when you arrive at a recommended photo spot. The app allows the visitors to “swap eyes” with the pollinators, explore the Arboretum on their own, and share their experiences on social media.


We have created a complete experience utilizing technology as a supplement that can showcase the “Hidden World: The Eyes of the Arboretum.” It was also an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the Arboretum of Penn State. We are also glad to recieve a Merit Award from Salute Design Competition in the Graphic Design: Interactive/Video/Motion category. 


Poster Series, Illustration, Photography
Duration: 2 weeks | Fall 2021

A surreal poster series with an overall theme of resilience and the tagline “RISE UP.” The posters follow the concept of alien abduction. 

    Aeva Roth
    Evanisko Collaboration Grant

   Alessandro Ascani Orsini



This project was made possible by the Evanisko Grant to be displayed at the Penn State Library. The theme of resilience was chosen with the hardships through Covid time. But they want to make it fun to change up the atmosphere in the library; that is why it is surreal.

Physical MOODBOard

The 80s theme and HP Lovecraft’s work inspire my partner and me. We decided to incorporate the signature octopus monster into our story.


We made sketches for the setup of the room and the different perspectives we can use to support our narrative better. We then experiment with camera angles and illustrations to add character and engagement.



1. Animated posters

An experience takes place at Penn State Library. Bringing the space to life, the original posters were then animated.

2. Immersive animation
Utilizing a large space in the library, we projected the animations on this wall. Showcasing more of the story behind these posters.

3. Physical Installations
We have installed a UFO, tentacles taking over the library.

4. Promotional Materials
Social media posts grid and countdown to the event date. 
Instagram filter for visitors to further immerse in the story.


A surreal poster with a captivating narrative. They were completed by experiments with set design, camera placement, and incorporation of photography and illustrations. 


Packaging, Collage
Duration: 4 weeks | Fall 2020

OUTERTIME is a vinyl album of the greatest hits of Bruno Major. It was created with analog elements and no digital-generated imagery.

   Bruno Major - Artist


Bruno Major is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He grew up with a jazz background, so his music is heavily inspired by it. He has incredible musicality; people call him “songsmith.” He usually shares what he put into the lyrics, chord progressions, and inspirations. Astrology and nature are imageries, metaphors that he uses a lot in his songs. He also likes to use ciphers for dates and numbers. Overall, his music has all the feels. It is designed to make you cry but in a healing way.
For this project, I wanted to highlight his personality and the mood of the songs. So, I designed this around five words: safe, intriguing, warm, meticulous, introspective. 


This project was done when I was in Vietnam during Covid lockdown. I spent most of the time on the roof of my house in the sun; that's where my family grows plants, flowers, and vegetables. I experimented by taking pictures of that, using photography, and cutting out letters to make textures.  


A vinyl cover for Bruno Major’s greatest hits.
Including outer sleeve, liner notes, label.

  See what’s in this album.

The Sun shone,
because the Sun
always shines.
He sighed and wished that
just for a moment,
somebody else
would shine for him.
He followed his rays
past Mercury and Venus,
all the way past Earth
to Earth’s Moon.
She sat perfectly framed in
a vignette of stars
looking peaceful
and content.
How he longed
to be beside her.

    -     Bruno Major


Mobile application, UI/UX
Duration: 4 weeks | Fall 2021

An application that is based on a to-list. It tracks house chores and cleaning supplies inventory to keep the user’s house/apartment hygienic and organized.


I started out thinking about the problems that can be solved with an application. Keeping a college apartment clean with roommates that do not clean well is an issue for many of my friends.

Competitor analysis
Nowadays, apps that keep track of chores take a while to get used to. My take to solve this problem is to have a log similar to the messaging functions in social media to decrease the learning curve.





I made an application that can potentially resolve roommates’ problems and help keep their living space a lot cleaner with a slight learning curve. With the main functions of:

1. Points tracking based on the difficulty of tasks (Leaderboard)
2. Task assignment (Roommates share the same log)  
3. Estimate the time of how long each task will take
4. Supplies management

Connect with me!!
Linkedin: Thu Yen Nguyen (Erin)
Email: yennguyen.erin@gmail.com